Neighborhood Watch Meeting 6/2/2012

Yes we have a meeting On Saturday June 02,2012 at 12:30PM. Come and bring your neighbor. The meeting will be held at the Twp. Building. I will post an update after the meeting so check back often for other information. Thx. Jim Haynie

UPDATE:   We had a good meeting, it was hard for everyone to find a parking space, because so much was going on in the ball fields. That shows you one thing; Liberty Twp is very active.

I could ask who is watching out for all the people’s homes that were there. This is one of our goals to help our neighbors, and watch out for each other. Yes they wouldn’t have to worry when you see the neighborhood watch working. We will also talk to other neighborhood watch groups from Youngstown area’s.

Our meeting was very helpful we got some good suggestions  to bring back to the trustee’s and the police chief.  Gloria Lang was present and gave us some good information. I had ask everyone there to send me information and I will post it on here, as well as Gloria will. If you want to get on her mailing list just send her an email  at  If you planning a yard sale let me know and I will post it, as well as any other good news.

Heather  will be generating a list for members to call to remind them of the meetings. If you are interested in making calls to remind our neighbors of our next meeting let Heather know. We need everyone’s help in making this work, we need our neighbors from all areas of Liberty Twp. So let’s get the word out we meet the first Saturday of each month at 12:30 PM. so come and bring a neighbor and invite others.




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