Liberty’s Pride

Kim Quinlan and Nicolette Chapman plant at the entrance to Liberty at 5th Avenue and the Golf Course.
Kim and Nicolette are among the twenty or so volunteers who are part of Liberty In Bloom. You are all familiar with this organization but I wonder if you are aware of how hard these people work and do so cheerfully in some times inclement weather and dangerous areas. The number of sites that are serviced by them have grown and we all have to be proud as we travel the township and see what a difference all their work has made.
This week about 500 volunteers assembled in downtown Youngstown to do Street Scape. Sprucing up Youngstown helps all of us and so does Liberty In Bloom. It is all volunteer and no public money is used. Please continue to bring your cans to the township for recycling for this project.
Please consider volunteering to help this project. The organization would really appreciate some youthful volunteers. We need to get our young people to become aware of and interested in work like this. Lessons in NEIGHBORHOOD PRIDE will last all their life and they can make new friends, get exercise  and have fun doing it. Please be aware, it can be fun work, but it is HARD work, I think some of our young people are up to it and would help if they were more aware of this project.
As you travel and live in our community, enjoy the work they do and please consider becoming a part of this wonderful work. I appreciate and thank all of them for all that they do every year! For more information, please call June Smallwood or Jodi Stoyak at 330-759-1315.

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