News and Events

The Liberty Historical Society met for its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Turnout was a little on the low side this month. Speakers were June Smallwood, Jodi Stoyak and Police Chief Tisone. Jodi spoke about some of the tracking issues, and the new businesses opening up in liberty and  highway projects that are currently in progress. Judy McGuire gave her report on the Thursday dinner date. Many people who signed up did not show up and it can get embarrassing when this happens. If you sign up please make an effort to come to the dinner or call before so that Carol can notify the restaurant. Different arrangements will have to be made for the use of the township meeting room after hours now that the dispatchers will be moved. There will be a telephone outside for anyone coming to the building and needing to talk to the police. There will be no one there after hours to open the building for these various meetings. More details on this will become available. $250 was appropriated for the Summer Program at Churchill Park. There will be a Senior Safety Summit at Kent State University on June 15. All are welcome. Windsor House will have a rummage sale on June 9. Please call them for further details regarding entrance, times, etc.  There will be many items for sale and you will have an opportunity to see this facility firsthand. The Driving Program to update your driving skills will be on June 14 from 10 to 2. Please sign up for this. If you haven’t, please call Carol and do so. We need a minimum amount of people to make it worthwhile. Some insurance companies will give you a discount if you complete this program. Even if they do not, we all need to update our skills on all the new laws and many of those that we have forgotten. The society has reached out to get this program here in our own community. Please take advantage of this. I think the cost for members is $12 or $15. If this is not correct, I will let you know in plenty of time. The next dinner for members and friends will be on June 28, 2012 at 4 PM at the Downtown Cafe in Hubbard. If you have not been there, you can’t miss it, it is right on the main drag on the east side of Main Street. If you did not sign up at this meeting, call Carol or Judy and get your name on the list. It is a very nice place with good food. Police Chief Tisone spoke at length on the scams that are being perpetrated everywhere now and that includes our community. If someone, anyone comes to your door and solicits money from you, ask for their identification and their permit. It may be best not to deal with them at all but call police and inform them that they are there, what they want, and your location. They often ask for donations under the banner of well-known charities, don’t be fooled. Along with those that the chief spoke about, here are a couple of new ones that are making the rounds: The Package Delivery Scam, reports postal inspection service spokesperson Margaret Williams. Victims receive an e-mail that appears to be from the US Postal Service stating that a package could not be delivered. The e-mail states to click on a link in the message to arrange delivery or pickup— but clicking on this link loads a malicious virus that can steal information from the victim’s computer. Forward Spam e-mails to or call your police department if you get one of these. If there is a package for you the Postal Service will leave  a notice in your mailbox rather than send an e-mail. Think of it. The USPS should not even know your email address. Thx Gloria for the info.



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