Liberty Twp. Meeting 6/11/2012

Liberty Township Trustee Meeting, 6/11/12 All trustees were present. There was no correspondence. NOPEC will be giving a discount for your ELECTRIC RATES, everyone should be receiving a letter in the mail regarding this change. You may also receive offers from other electric companies. Please review these carefully as every household may be different. There is no single way to tell if you were getting a better deal. Check your bills, carefully. The township is awaiting a new gas rate from NOPEC around September.

The Police Report should read as follows:
POLICE DEPT: Arrests 61, CFS 1425, Citations 170, crashes 32, incidents 132, towed vehicles 34. Alarm drops , commercial 15, residential 12. Mileage 11,452. Traffic enforcement: traffic stops, 177. Those streets where traffic enforcement were present this past month were: Fifth Avenue, Keefer Road, Sampson Drive, Goldie Road, Hadley, Tibbetts-Wick, Colonial Dr., Logan Way and Belmont Avenue. Watch your speed when driving through the township.  $5404 were saved by not having a third shift officer.
Additions:For those who are interested, the Tribune is scheduled to have a Meet and Greet with Liberty residents on June 16, 6:30 at the township Adm. Bldg. They want to hear from you and I think some of us have comments regarding a certain cartoon which should be made.
Large Garage Sale: 4783 Ardmore Ave, Liberty, Saturday June 16 and Sunday, June 17 and 9 am to 5 pm.
Please notice:  Mosquito spraying, originally scheduled for Monday, June 11 has been postponed until Tuesday, June 12, weather permitting. Alexander Pest Control will spray between dusk and 1 AM. Residents may want to close their windows, keep pets indoors and not leave any food outdoors during the spraying. You may want to check your bird feeders also.
 Music in the Park starts this Friday night. I will be looking for you there.  Thx Gloria

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