From Gloria 8/2/2012

Hi everyone, Lets talk for a minute.
I did the Liberty Reporter for many years but there came a time when it became just too much for me. Everything I had to attend, write about, edit, do the photos, and assemble for a page each week with a weekly deadline so I quit the volunteer “job”. Soon after that so many people told me in various ways that they missed the paper and all the info that it provided. I believe strongly that every community really needs a form of communication, so after some thought I decided to do this e-newsletter. I received so many thank you’s about it that I will continue it but I am asking some help from all of you. I have for the past several months been overwhelmed with personal needs for both me and my home but I think I have reached the point when I can get back to this project and do it in the way I intended to. I will stop whinnying about being behind, shut up and get some news out.
You should be receiving a number of news letters about events that took place in out community. Some of which you probably have heard about. If not you will become aware of them now and if you already were, you may see them a little differently because of some comments that will be offered with them. There is much that happens or is happening in our community. If you are aware of these events perhaps you will/can, participate/support them more. There is a cadre, larger than you think, of your neighbors, who work very hard to make Liberty an enjoyable, safe, and prosperous place to live and raise a family. Please think about helping in any way, however small that you can to make Liberty a success story.  Please consider the following:
1. I try to be as accurate as I can, Please get back to me about any gaffes that I make. I will admit and correct.
2. Please send me any news that you would like to share with your neighbors and send it ASAP so I can get it out.
3. Everyone tells me they love it when I make up a “calendar” of coming events for 1,2 or 3 months. This is the most difficult job of all as there are so many events happening that it is very hard to know them all–so–please send me coming events of any or all organizations that you know about ASAP. I will try to make a calendar as accurate as possible and include your event in time to make a difference. Name, date, time, place, cost, etc and contact person so I can get back to you. I will also put them in the regular YADA.
4. Please send me your comments about my project and what I am missing, messing up or could do it make it better for you. I am sorry that not everyone has a computer, but it might help if those that do could print it out and share it with those who you know do not have one. Sometimes there are messages regarding safety or other necessary news, please share these with others also.
        In this fast paced, IT world we live in, there are many things that are out of our control but what kind of community we have is not one of those things-yet.
We can, you can, make a difference.
FYI: I can be reached at the following:
phone/fax 330-759-3231
Whenever possible please send news/ comments by email so I can cut and paste and save much typing.
Now lets get ready for some news!!!!!!!!

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