From Gloria Lang HOT NEWS

Trustees Meeting 7/9/2012 Adm. Bldg
This meeting was quite uneventful. The usual warrants, one property added to the Nuisance List and one added to the Emergency Secure List.  The retirement of Craig Lee Milliman was acknowledged with thanks and appreciation effective July 2012. Minutes and expenditures were approved. Chief Durkin secured another grant for the FD. Thanks, Mike. Yours truly made a number of comments during the public comment time. There will be no meeting in August. This is the schedule every year. The next meeting will be Monday, Sept. 10, Admin. Bldg, 6:30 pm. Hope to see you there.
Other News:
Neighbor Block Watch Meeting Aug. 4, 12:30 pm at the Admin. Bldg. If you are interested in this subject, just show up. You will be welcome.
This is a BIG ONE!  If you like garage sales or bargains, don’t miss this one.
Third Annual Neighborhood Garage/Yard Sale$$$$$$
The residents of Sampson Drive and Logan Arms Drive come together for a great one. Find just about anything.
Friday, August 3; Saturday August 4, Sunday August 5
No time was given me but usually it is 9 am to ??????
Make it a fun time. Everyone is asked to participate. Bring the family, set up a table-enjoy your neighbors and clean out your place. For more info Ernie 330-979-6719 or Deb 330-759-5114 or Deb at
WangDoodle bookmarks Ever hear of them. Well they are very important. They are bookmarks which the members of Friends for Liberty Library make and then sell very cheap at the library. The proceeds from these are used for various projects which make our library better and help many who use it. They’re very simple to make, and if you can string beads and tie knots, then you can make Wangdoodles. We talk and laugh and have a good time – kind of like an old-fashioned quilting bee but with a much simpler task. Nancy (at the library) bought a very nice display stand for us at a garage sale, and it’s increased visibility for prospective customers. If you’d like to get together at the library and make some WangDoodles, please let me know. Want to help a little, call me. Everyone has my number. 
Clarification I hope I did not confuse anyone with my last email. I will continue to do my e newsletter. I am not going to write for the paper again.

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