Gloria’s hot news 8/9/2012

Celebration in the Park: Sept. 8. The Parade is growing and so are the activities. Plan to attend this one. Please consider purchasing an ad and supporting it. If you want to submit the ad by email or if there are any questions, please send them to
Candidates/Issues/Information Night: The LBA will once again sponsor in partnership with the LSPTA a Night before the election for the information of Liberty residents. Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, Oct. 17. Complete information and details will be completed and will be shared soon. Expect a new and exciting format. This will be different and worthwhile for an intelligent electorate.
Safety Forces Updates and News:
Liberty Township Safety Forces Report JUNE 2012 Fire Dept.                             Chief  Michael Durkin Structure, 3; Vehicle, 0;  Outside, 0; Trash/Rubbish  1; Brush/Grass 1; Total Fires 5. EMS calls, 123; Alarm malfunction, 0; MVA, 15; Burning complaints, 8; Other service, 9; False calls, 5; Mutual aid given, 4; Mutual aid received, 3; CO calls, 1; Haz Met Response 1 Total actions 178. Miles, 2423. Fire Prevention     Captain Stauffer Inspections, 16; Re-inspections 12; Demonstrations, 4; Investigations, 11; permits, 2. Total 45. 2012= 369 Police Dept.                           Chief Richard Tisone June. Arrests 40, CFS 1289, Citations 54, Crashes 25, Incident Reports 113, Towed vehicles 21. June. Alarm Drop: 6 Commercial, 9 Churches, 4 Schools, 0 Bank. 0 True Alarm, 0 Faults 17 No Faults 2 Nine neighborhoods targeted for enforcement at request of citizens and trustees. Neighborhood totals: Traffic stops 77; w/warning 13; verbal 46; citations 49.
Check out the new Police Dept.web site.They have added some pages. There is now have a “forms” page that persons can file reports or if you are going out of town and want us to check on your residence just fill out the security check form and send it, that’s it…. Also there is an activity page that gives the residents a daily update of incidents and arrests from the police department. Check out the “stats” page that shows the activity over the past 4 years for the department. Look over the “links” page very carefully. These will link you to pertinent sites that will inform the community about subjects from identity theft to sex offenders who reside in the township. Have children, teenagers??? You want to know this information. More is planned in the coming months. All of the above is the result of a great deal of work and I venture to say, if there is another Police department in our area that is providing this service, I would like to know who they are. Residents of other communities wish they had this info available. Coming events: Liberty Little Leopards VS Brookfield  Home 8/19/12 1 pm
                       LHS Varsity Leopards VS Salem Home  8/24/12 7 pm
                       Liberty Little Leopards VS Lakeview Away 8/25/12  1 pm
                       Start of School August 29, 2012
Tribune Editors to visit Liberty Got it right this time. Monday, Aug. 13 at 6:30 pm at the Adm. Bldg. For questions and complaints. Remember our dispatcher cartoon. FYI  Many auto accidents involve left turns. Seniors have a large number of these. PLEASE EVERYONE SPECIALLY SENIORS BE CAREFUL A MOMENT OF REFLECTION
Had a bad day or maybe two this week? Yes, we all have them. As we go through our hurried and sometimes difficult days, please stop and think of the following:
From Feb. 4 to April 24, 2012; 59 Americans died in Afghanistan. Quietly giving all for us.Have an extra prayer??? Maybe those days were not so bad after all.

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