Friday August 31, 2012, 1:58 PM  Liberty Township Police Department    <strong>ALERT   ALERT   ALERT    ALERT       ALERT     ALERT     ALERT     ALERT    ALERT</strong>     <strong>Alert</strong>: Be on the look out for a pack of three (3) dogs. One black colored and two brown. Dogs have attacked other animals. Call Police if sited.

Citizens have reported seeing a pack of three dogs, one black colored and two brown colored, roaming the areas of Loganway, Mansell Drive and Sampson Rd. These animals are believed to be vicious. Do not approach these animals. If sited, contact the police at (330)759-1511 or (330)675-2730. Contact Information: Richard Tisone Police Department 330-759-1315 rtisone@libertytwp.com



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