Liberrty Little Leopards

The Liberty Little Leopards celebrates another successful season. You have heard me talk about this organization before and I hope you do not mind if I tell you about them again. Being as active as I have been here in our community, I have had many occasions to interact with this organization and the parents and friends of it. we are very fortunate to have them. You will not find a more devoted group of people who give unselfishly of their time and money for the youth of our community. They not only provide months of clean, character building activity for so many of our young boys and girls BUT I have watched and listened to the coaches and advisors plant and nature the seeds of hard work, education and self respect in these young people at an age so ripe to take the wrong track. They may make their practices and games fun but they do not make life easy for their charges. I thank them for all they do and I am thankful that we have them here. Please see below the photos for the following: 
Nicole Patrone Age 12. Nicole beat out 38 other girls her age to win the STEEL VALLEY YOUTH CONFERENCE CHEERLEADING JUMP OFF ON 10/20 2012 The 2012 LLL Midget cheerleading squad won the Steel Valley Youth Conference Cheerleading Competition..1st place by beating 6 other schools.. The 2012 LLL Peewee football team already had one SVYC Super Bowl.  They won this year again. 2012 SVYC Super Bowl.. This is back to back Super Bowl championships for these 9 and 10 year old boys The 2012 LLL Midget football players/..ages 11 and 12..won the SVYC Super Bowl championship…AGAIN…They also have won back to back Super Bowl championshibps.
They are proud of themselves and we are proud of them.
PS The the Liberty Leopard Football Banquet announced earlier.for the players, cheerleaders, the staff and their families and friends.


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