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This is June 6 (was when I wrote this)
Our country seems to be accumulating “days to remember”. June 6 is one of those days. It marks the Invasion of Normandy and Europe. A bloody day for sure. In 2012, the Historical Society honored two of Liberty’s most noted veterans. One was Neil Dell Arco. I spotted Neil coming out of Jimmy’s the other day but that 90 something was just too fast for me and jumped in his wheels and got away. He is as lively as ever and still writing great articles for the Senior News. Check them out. He was one of the hundreds of thousands who fought their way across Europe and he reminded me of this day. Let us remember this day and all the blood and guts it cost our nation. Others paid the price also. Bobby Kennedy died on June 6 because he ran for an office. It was his way of serving. All that we take for granted and enjoy was paid for with a heavy price.

The Liberty Historical Society met Thursday AM and here is some news from that meeting. Limits have been set on contributions made by the society to other organizations due to a diminishing income from fundraising. Jensen Lock will be moving into the old Monroe Muffler place. The 50 ft flag pole for the entrance to I 80 arrived. There was a confirmed rabid cat who on good authority bit a lady in the township. First residents being attacked by hawks and next a dead bear and now the cat. What next? Please be careful of strange pets. Issues are still being resolved for the Ramada Inn and Belmont and Goldie property. A Road Levy is again being placed on the ballot.
Liberty Relay For Life 2013 was held again in Churchill Park on May 17 and 18. The weather was beautiful and I am sure it was a success. I do not have any figures on how much was raised, what the goal was or the trophy winners. If I get this info I will share it with you. RFL is one of the premier events of the township.
Personal Comments: Since we still remain the highest taxed entity in Trumbull County and one of the highest in the state, I would like to know just where our money is going. Yes, I know that financial papers are available at the township and if you go to the Trustee meetings and ask questions, I am sure they will be orally answered but I would like to see a written explanation in layman’s language showing how much and what percentages are going for various department salaries, populations of the departments and how does Liberty look when compared to other townships that are getting by with a lot less money. Is the levy 3 year, 5 year or a forever one. What streets will be considered and what will the schedule be, what type of resurfacing. Even if the money is retained for only roads, will the arbitrator see this as money that would influence negotiations when contract time comes around again. There are many questions that should be answered and starting now there is plenty of time to answer them. These statements are not meant to knock anyone or their management past or present. It is just a request for more justification than the statement that “we need the money”.
Please note that the Liberty School District Board of Education is now one member short since the resignation of Joseph Nohra. They need to appoint someone to fill out his term. I hope someone out there would like to serve in this position. If you are interested, please let them know by writing a letter and requesting consideration as soon as possible. It is posted on the school web site but I have not heard any other noise about it. Certainly I hope there is someone out there willing to serve who would/could do a better job than the failure that my service turned out to be.


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