YADA YADA #61 6/20/13 EVENT & INFO
Hang a left, Hang a right, whatever you need to get to the Liberty Branch of the Warren Public Library. The Summer Reading Program is now in full force. This is a good time to talk about our library and how important it is to our community and to tell about those who support it. The program is called “DIG INTO READING”The SUMMER READING PROGRAM kicked off on June 3 and will continue until July 27, 2013. This is a wonderful program for everyone in the community from kids to adults. It is an 8-week Summer Reading Program that provides an opportunity for children, teens, and adults to join in a fun activity and earn prizes along the way! There are free programs and activities relating to the Summer Reading Program themes and will be held throughout the summer. Here are some of them.
The Tadpole Club is for babies from birth to 35 months old and highlights literacy-based activities.
Children age 3 through those entering grade 6 can track time spent reading at home to earn prizes. The more they read, the more fun and exciting prizes they will receive! Plus, kids who spend at least 8 hours reading will have the chance to win an Amazon Kindle.
Teen Summer Reading is for all teens entering seventh to twelfth grade. Every book, graphic novel, comic book, magazine, eBook, or audio book teens read counts! Teens can fill out an entry form for each time they finish reading something, so there are many chances to win. Teens will get $2 in Book Bucks for every entry they turn in at their W-TCPL location, which can then be “spent” at the Summer Reading Finale & Book Auction on August 6 at the Main Library. Plus, there will be weekly drawings for prizes, and three grand prizes will be awarded at the end of the summer.
Adult Summer Reading Program Adults 18 and older may fill out an entry form for each book or eBook they read or audio book they listen to during the program and enter for a chance to win. At the end of Adult Summer Reading, each library location will award one grand prize of an Amazon Kindle.
Our Library has always been an important part of our life here in Liberty but it has assumed more roles since our township has had to cut back on activities offered. Santa Claus no longer comes to the township but he still visits the library. Please see photos included in this issue. It seems Music in the Park will also disappear as have the Halloween Party and many other activities. The Library however has increased the programs offered and Friends of the Liberty Library are offering refreshments at most of these activities. Let me tell you about Friends of the Liberty Library.
This is another one of those Best Kept Secrets.
The Friends of the Liberty Library is a non profit organization of approximately 65 volunteer members. As with most organizations, 90% of the work associated with it is done by less than a dozen people. Never the less, they do an amazing amount of work that benefits both our library and all the residents of Liberty. Here are some of the activities they have done recently or are continuing to do for us.
*elected new officers and revised the by-laws;
*updated our legal filings;
*held seven membership drives, which resulted in quite a few new and renewing members;
*extended the ongoing book sale, our largest fundraiser, to selling additional books through Better World Books;
*begun selling bookmarks and purple Complaint-Free bracelets at the front desk;
*provided financial support for library programming, including paying fees for several programs, renewing the movie license so library patrons are able to continue attending movies at the library, and providing refreshments at programs;
*purchased prizes for the Summer Reading Programs;
*purchased a refurbished netbook for use in scanning books to sell through Better World Books and keeping our records;
*purchased two e-readers, a carpet scrubber, a dry erase/cork board for the teen section, a four-foot table, and a stepladder for the library;
*updated the wreaths used for December holiday decorations at the library;
*purchased four book bags filled with school supplies for needy children at Blott School;
*approved the purchase of English Festival playaways, books, music CDs, movie DVDs, and books on CD for the Liberty Branch’s collection;
*helped provide refreshments for the library system’s Staff Development Day each year;
*paid for refreshments and entertainment at the Summer Reading Program kickoff,
*purchased and planted maroon and gold mums around the library sign by the street, and
*purchased a bench for the front porch at the library.
They have an ongoing book sale in the Community Room. Where else can you purchase
hardback books for 50 cents, paperbacks for 25 cents, and children’s books for 10 cents? Magazines and AV media, including CDs, DVDs, and audio and videocassettes are also available. The sale is open during library hours unless a meeting or activity is scheduled in
the room. Members get together to make “Wangdoodle” bookmarks to sell at the checkout desk in the library. If you can string beads, you can make Wangdoodles. We named them that. We hope you’ll join us. We share memories, news and many laughs while we make our “Wangdoodles”. If you would like to become a member, membership forms are available on the display case by the front door and on the counter in the Community Room. Library staff will be happy to pass your membership form and dues on. Dues are only $5/ year. They are looking into starting a book reading club at the library that would be open to any one who might be interested


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