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Liberty Twp. Closes Fire Station

August 27, 2014

LIBERTY: The township has closed one of its two fire stations because of a projected deficit in the fire department’s operating costs for next year.

The township’s station on Belmont Avenue has been closed for about a month, said Trustee Jodi Stoyak and township Administrator Pat Ungaro. They said the closure is likely only temporary, and the station could very well be open again in January.

“This is something that’s been done a half a dozen times over 20 years,” Ungaro said.The closing did not need a formal vote or resolution at a trustee meeting, said township attorney Mark Finamore.The township discussed it with the fire department’s union before deciding on whether to do it, they said; about affects out 40 to 50 residences in the northern part of the township, they said.
Finamore added that the remaining station on Logan Way is actually closer to Belmont Avenue businesses.The reason for the closing is a projected $233,000 deficit in the department’s operating costs, which were driven up by overtime, Finamore said.“We’re trying to reduce the projected deficit by doing three things — close the fire station, reduce overtime, and if a person retires, they may delay replacing that person until they have the money,” Finamore said.“The union and the fire chief are cooperating to reduce overtime expenses while maintaining adequate services,” he said.Under the union contract, the fire department can’t use part-time firefighters until all full-time firefighters have been offered overtime.

The department never replaced a firefighter who moved up after Gus Birch became chief when Michael Durkin recently retired, and it will not immediately replace an inspector who will be retiring soon, Ungaro said.“It’s proactive,” Ungaro added. “We don’t want to lay anybody off in January.”All the department’s equipment is now being operated out of the Logan Way station. – See more at:



August 10, 2014

Last year Holly Goransson sold Girl Scout Cookies at the corner of Rt 304 and Logan Way. At the One Stop Mart. They will be there again this year for a few weeks beginning on March 8, 2014. They have a goal to sell 2000+ (they sold 2050+ last year). I think we all love these cookies and they are only available around this time of year. Here is an enterprising young person in our community who is using her head and working for something. Let’s all support her and all the others who are selling these cookies in our community.
Some Warnings from our Vienna Friends
The Ohio Development Services Agency is warning senior citizens of a telephone scam where the caller, claiming they are from the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), solicits personal bank information and social security numbers.
The calls come from a 800 number, and in all cases the caller says HEAP was given extra money to help customers because of recent cold weather. Some solicitors refer to the program as the “Energy Assistance Program.”
If you receive a call or have already received a call, report it to the ODSA Office of Community Assistance at 800-848-1300.
We have a local HEAP office the number is 866-747-1041. If you need assistance with preparing for appointment call me at 330-307-0111.
Thank you,
Mary Swift
� Kimmy Cordy from Liberty High School is the latest to sign to play with the newly formed University of Northwestern Ohio Softball Program. Kimmy, C/3B, a team captain hit .433 her junior year, while gaining all conference recognition. 3 Year Starting Letterman (2011, 2012, & 2103) Team Captain (2013)
2nd Team All American Conference National Division (2013) .
All County Softball Div. III-Honorable Mention (2013) Best Defensive Player (2013)
Golden Glove Award (2012). Congratulations Kimmy GO GIRL!
Liberty Speech and Debate has had one of the best seasons we have ever had in the history of speech and debate! This year we qualified 10 students to the State Speech and Debate Tournament Feb 27th-Mar 1st.
State Qualifiers were as follows: Noah Persson, Jala Beasley, Davin Stilson,
Alexandria Hanson, Gianna Davila, Jihad Esmail, Ahmad Amirah, Nathan Derenzis, Zaq Smith, and Abdel Yusuf .
Congratulations to all our students. Speech & Debate will serve them well all through their lives. The community and the staff of LLSD are proud of you!!!

LSPTA Once again this year the LSPTA will sponsor 10 students to Boys and Girls State. This is one of the many events that this hard working seldom heard from organization does every year. You will be hearing more about them in the future.
Liberty Historical Society monthly meeting will be on Thursday, March
6, 2014 (9:30 am Refreshments, 10:00 am meeting). Come join us and find out the news and meet your friends.
Liberty Business Association reg bimonthly meeting will be March 13, at 5 pm in the Community Room of the Liberty Library. It will be a Meet & Greet for participants of SHOP LIBERTY AT 6 PM. 2014 Officers election at 5 pm.
Sunday, March 16, 2014 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
For more information contact: The Youth Department